Chardin Newsletter

Thank you for being a part of the Chardin community!

Chardin Collegium will close for the summer on Tuesday, June 9th

On behalf of all of us at Chardin Collegium, thank you so much for being a part of the Chardin community this year! We all enjoyed getting to know you, and hope that Chardin has been a meaningful part of your year at Seattle University.

Our last day open will be Monday, June 8th.

Good luck on finals and have a wonderful summer!

- Irene Ziemba, Chardin Collegium Coordinator

From CCL Riley

Thanks Chardin for giving me such an opportunity to chat and engage in Seattle University community. I am going to miss Chardin a lot next year because it will be used for another purpose. Chardin for the next year will not be Chardin this quarter, it just changes. However, thing changes and I have to accept it anyway. Luckily, I will work at Reidy next year, so I will try to bring all of my passions, love and memories from Chardin and spread them around Reidy. Bye bye, Chardin and say hello to Reidy.

It is awesome that I will go back to Vietnam this summer. I have planned what I am supposed to do. First, I will try to travel all of Vietnam and learn how to make great coffee. It is so important because I love coffee and I need it for focusing on my study. It have to make sure that whenever I brew coffee, it has to be the best of the best. Secondly, I should go and visit all of my relatives this time. I am afraid of not going back to Vietnam in the next two years due to my potential internships and OPTs. I am going to be extremely happy because I will eat all kinds of food I love, which is cheaper and some are not available in Seattle.

Last but not least, hopefully everyone will have a great score and enjoy your summer.

From CCL Liang

I cannot believe we are almost there at the end of this quarter. This quarter we were sad to know that Chardin will be closed for better usage of school resources. Like all the Chardin members, I will be missing the lovely place where we could laugh, talk, study and eat. I am sure that we will have the same good collegiums for us to hang out next quarter, but the memory of Chardin will always stay.

As a new CCL, I had all the help and understanding from my supervisor and coworkers. I feel lucky to work at Chardin. Every training session and staff meeting held my Collegiums are always interesting and full of creativities. We developed soft skills and made friends throughout the program.

I’m also excited for the upcoming summer vacation. I will start to work fulltime as an intern in the States. Although I will be busy with work stuff, I am still planning to fly to MILWAUKEE, WI for a business conference in the summer for three days. Actually I hope I could get further to the east coast to visit the big cities like NYC and Washington.

Looking forward to see my dear Chardin friends next quarter at the collegiums on campus!

From CCL Connor

The end is nigh! I wanted to take this time to thank you all for an amazing year. This is the first job that I have had that lasted more than just a summer, and I am so grateful that all of you made this job so great and fun! I also wanted to take the time to tell you all what I will be doing this summer! I will be working as a research assistant on campus and will also be taking summer classes! So, I will be around! I will miss working at the Chardin and I will miss all of you! I hope that you all have a fantastic summer!

From CCL Chloe

Hello Chardin Members,

It has been a pleasure working at the Chardin this year and getting to know all of you. Although I am looking forward to this summer (which, among other activities, will include marrying the greatest man I know), there will be a part of me that misses having lunch with my fellow Chardinians every day. My life is changing in ways I never expected even just a year ago, and I think most of them are good changes. However, it will be with a bittersweet feeling that I unlock and prepare the Chardin for closing, knowing that it will never again open as our dear collegia. Will the Reidy really be the same? I’m not sure. I do know that in the end, though, it is just a room: it is the people that make it special.

I hope you all of you have a great summer – whether it involves job hunting or planning for next year’s classes. Stop by the Reidy next year sometime!

-Chloe Belisle