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Choosing Good cell tower lease buyout

Cell Tower Lease Buyout

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Cell Tower Lease Buyout

Today cell tower lease buyouts have become a creative way of leasing property. Cell phone towers are no longer those humongous and gigantic structures that appear way too ugly. In fact these structures have had such a beautiful change that leasing your property for Cell Phone Towers has become an increasingly popular phenomenon.

Leasing your property for the same has emerged as one of most profitable source of earning. You can add to your profitability by earning regular fixed payments for the property or through cell tower lease buyouts. A complete cell tower lease buyout is surely a more advantageous proposition. In a complete buyout you can have a lump sum amount all at once, letting go of uncertainties attached to the future.

In the process of leasing out the property one has to keep in mind that the income from it is going to vary in accordance to different parameters such as topography, geographic locations, infrastructure and more. You might as well find yourself in a fix when it comes to making tough decisions regarding the same. However, you have TowerPoint to your relief. They help you with everything about cell tower and the lease buyout options so available.

Following are some of the most creative cell phone towers largely popular throughout:

Monopole Cell Towers

· Requires minimal space, around 200 feet

· Single tall pole

· Smallest of all cell towers

· Made of metal or heavy duty concrete

· Antennas have a lot of importance

Guyed Cell Towers

· Requires most land

· Cheapest of all cell towers

· Requires a very strong foundation

· Anchors the ground with the help of a guy wire

· One of the most common cell phone towers

Lattice Cell Towers

· Famous for the uniqueness

· Has three to four sides and a free standing framework

· It has a steel body and is strongest of all

Concealed & Unusual

· Creative and unique

· Disguised structures as rooftops, water towers, chimneys etc

· Camouflaged with utmost creativity

· A little expensive

TowerPoint helps you realize true income potentials of your site. It may happen that you may not be receiving the rental that your land can provide. TowerPoint helps you earn the rental that you truly deserve by converting your cell site lease into immediate capital. They at TowerPoint evaluate true value of the site and help you fix the right amount for the cell tower lease buyout.