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DHS Teacher Edition: September 2015

Happy Labor Day!

Hello, DHS friends! As our much-anticipated three-day weekend approaches, I'd like to pass along some great Labor Day resources that might be helpful to you. I hope you've all had a fantastic start to the 2015-16 school year, and I wish you many moments of relaxation during the upcoming holiday weekend!
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US Dept. of Labor -- Historian on the History of Labor Day

Check the website below for Labor Day answers from Linda Stinson, former U.S. DOL historian.

NEA -- Labor Day Curriculum Resources

Click on the link below for great resources from the National Education Association. Whether you're looking for a writing prompt, interviews, photos, or an entire Labor Day unit, this website has it all.

PBS News Hour EXTRA -- Labor Day Resources

Click the link below for powerful Labor Day lesson plans and resources.

Education World -- Sites for Teaching About Labor Day and US Labor History

Follow this link for more excellent resources on the history of the holiday, as well as the history of labor in the United States.

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Library Reminders:

Since school has been in session a few weeks now, students will be having overdue books. Please help students remember that books are checked out for two-week periods. After two weeks, books are considered "overdue," and students will need to get them renewed for two additional weeks.

Also, please bring any stray textbooks and/or library books that you find to the library. Many students come in the library frantically looking for books they have misplaced. If they have been turned in to us, that is very helpful.

Looking for something new to read? Check out these book lists!

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