Ed. Tech. Report

Justin Bandi - Tech Coach

It's Common Sense. . . .

As an educator, I love technology. The tools that we have available to us for use in today's classroom allow us to bring the world to our students. A few clicks of the mouse will have our students taking interactive field trips, chatting with peers across the globe, and making their voices heard on any number of issues. This is truly an exciting time to be a teacher, but we as teachers must recognize the dark side of this technology that sadly exists for our students. So as teachers, how might we harness the power of technology while raising awareness of it's dangers?

As a parent, I am fearful of technology. I know the dangers that technology present to my children. Simple internet searches can, at times, lead to damaging material being seen and heard, the use of social media has opened the door to cyber bullying, and the constant changing of preferred apps and programs makes it extremely difficult to effectively monitor at all times what our children are doing and seeing online. So as parents, how do we instill caution in regard to these dangers without denying the positives of technology?

In a district that has so willingly embraced technology over the last several years, I believe we owe it to ourselves and our students to raise awareness of the dangers of technology while teaching them to be responsible digital citizens.