Stop cyberbullying NOW!!

the world is our hands,we count on you!!

good choices to do when someone is cyber bulling you!

cyber bulling is bad I dont mean just bad but really bad . 3 good ways to when someone is cyber bullying you 1. is to tell a teacher or parent. should not write back and ignore them . 3. you should text not bad things to that person thats cyber bullying you because then you. I would also like to say a cyber bully is a person is that that harm you on any electronic technology such as IPad, iPhone, computers and even tablets, these examples of of a cyber bully mean text and social media text.

Stop Cyberbulling NOW!!

Cyberbulling, is not a good thing to do , the some examples of cyber bullying is , going on the interent and saying mean things to people . you should never act like this .This have consequences when u get older.

what people can cyber bully you on

1. internet

2. instagram

3. people texting you mean text messages like calling you mean names .

4 .facebook

5 twitter

spread kindness

you should always be kind to people . if i was cyber bullied on a text message i would ignore them and tell a parent or a teacher .