F. Scott Fitzgerald

American Novelist who wrote short stories as well

Major Accomplishments

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote This Side of Paradise, a popular novel that made him famous overnight.
He also wrote The Great Gatsby, while not popular at the time, it has now widely known as a standard for classic American novels.
His short stories, while mainly for supplementing his income, were generally very popular and published in many magazines, most notably the Saturday Evening Post.

Life in Paris

Scott F. Fitzgerald went to France to get peace and quiet so he could work. He alternated between living in Paris and Riviera from 1924-1926, then made a quick trip in 1928, then again lived in Paris from 1929-1930.

While in Paris, he met Ernest Hemingway and became friends with him.

He didn't really have much impact on Paris, however, Paris allowed him to get more work done in some cases. In addition, Paris might have been the reason for his wife's mental breakdown.