My Strengths and Weakness

By:Shelby Tidwell

My Strengths

  1. Strategic Thinking: I like to share my ideas with the group I am working with.
  2. Purpose: I like to stay moving around and busy.
  3. Optimism: I like to be in a place where I am face to face with people.
  4. Risk Taking: I like to get out of my comfort zone and not stay in a bubble.
  5. Self Motivation: I tell my self that I can do it and don't give up.

My Weakness

There are a lot of different weaknesses people can have;my weakness is curiosity. Curiosity is one of those things where if you don't want to try or do something you wont. I do step out of my comfort zone sometimes but most of the time I like to do things that I know i can do no problem. When you have a hard time with curiosity you tend to not try new things and stay with the things you know how to do and play. People tend not to talk to people they don't know. So im going to try to start doing new things and meeting new people.