University of Oregon


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Basic Information

  • Located in Eugene, Oregon
  • Behavioral research and teaching, Early childhood CARES, Into careers
  • Tuition: (all expenses) $25,169 yearly, $100,676 for everything
  • No required GPA and SAT scores, 75% acceptance
  • 18:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 45% graduation rate
  • 24,125 students

Location Information

Fun things to do in Eugene, Oregon

  • Willamette river bike trail
  • Cascades raptor center
  • Autzen stadium
  • Mount pisgah
  • Museum of natural and cultural history
  • The Science Factory


  • 46.1 inch of rainfall yearly
  • 5 inch of snow yearly
  • Annual high temperature- 63.3 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Annual low temperature- 41.7 degrees Fahrenheit


  • 369 feet above sea level
  • south end of Willamette Valley
  • McKenzie and Willamette River
  • 50 miles east of Oregon coast

Paying for College:

I plan on paying for college through:

  • Financial Aid
  • Academic Scholarships
Scholarships that I plan on applying for:

  • Scholarships offered ( Apex, Pathway Oregon, And station)
  • teaching programs at RCC

Achieving post High School Plans:

  • Staying focused with my grades maintaining a high GPA
  • Continue participating in after school activities such as volleyball, softball, and CERT
  • Go to a lot of volleyball camps
Classes I will take to prepare me for college:

  • Child development 4
  • Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Algebra 2

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