Luck of the Stylish

Haute Dots, Stelletto Squad and Signature Haute Dots

Hello Lovely Ladies!!

It gives me great pleasure to give you a recap of February for top sales, sponsoring, promotions, great stories, and up to-to-date announcements for March!!

Spring is here, my daffodils are beginning to bloom and you ladies are full of energy and inspiration always!! I am amazed by your professionalism, style and creativity. If I don't say so myself; we have a pretty savvy Stella team of women!!

Congratulations on everything you do for your businesses. It's those consistent forward steps each day because slow and steady wins the race!!

So, let's get started! Happy reading and I wish you the luckiest & most stylish March to find YOUR pot of gold!!

Happily Accessorized,

Jackie Rowland

Founding Leader 2008


Welcome New Stylists for February!!

Congratulations to our February New Stylists and to Their Sponsors!!

JoAnn Espinoza

Sponsor: Nora Cumberbatch

Rhonda Garrison

Sponsor: Kali Dobry

Tanya Johnson

Sponsor: Wendy Ayer

Monica Khaouly

Sponsor: Jennifer Knoblich

Laura Arrington

Sponsor: Jacquelynn Rowland

Ann Hanson

Sponsor: Laura Radtke

Kristen Peoples

Sponsor: Courtney Tucker

Sara Seiber

Sponsor: Mary Beth Kurtenbach

Tricia Campbel

Tricia del Rosario

Sponsor: Anna Bosch

Jumpstart Earners for February!!

Congratulations to all of you in your Jumpstart Period who have earned FREE Jewelry Credits

Ashley Gustat, Cassandra Joyner, Kristen Peoples, Kali Dobry, Leslie Borkenhagen, Courtney Tucker, Anna Bosch, Jane McFeely, Marisa Levin, Jesse Stacey and Tanya Johnson.

Congratulations!!!!! YOU qualified in February!!!!


#1 IN SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wendy Ayer $4716.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joelly Belman $4646.44

Amy Bosco $3759.00

Anna Bosch $3299.10

Laurie Paz $2809.70

Kali Dobry $1864.00

Rene Kauder $1690.00

Patricia Carlile $1596.85

Heidi Glennon $1557.00

Jacquelynn Rowland $1548.00

Annette Warnick $1543.00

Jane McFeely $1401.00

Leslie Borkenhagen $1391.00

Courtney Tucker $1266.00

Megan Love $1181.80

Laura Radtke $1171.52

Jennifer Knoblich $1122.80

Sarah Snyder $1104.00

Kathleen Sapien-Anderson $1042.50

Jami Baker $908.98

Marie Franco $876.79

Tracy Baschke $840.00

April Paris $853.50

Monica Hepburn $768.00

Felicia Rosenthal$745.50

Archele Myers $744.90

Ashley Gustat $741.00

Pamela Wimmer $723.00

Jesse Stacey $705.00

Sheila Markowitz $703.00

Jennifer Rainey $693.50

Dawn Pryde $663.58

Lisa Giles $659.00

Andrea Weinberger $633.50

Cassandra Joyner $558.00

Michele Panczyszyn $554.00

Amanda Whiting $533.00

Sara McGuire $527.03

Melinda Devine $518.00

Amanda Sallee $515.00

Mary Kurtenbach $504.00

Brooke Heiberger $503.00

Congratulations to Joelly Belman on your promotion to LEAD STYLIST!!!!


Wendy Ayer 2

Melinda Devine 1

Rachel Jones 1

MichelePanczyszyn 1

CourtneyTucker 1

Congrats to our Glam Earners!!!!! Level 1

Wendy Ayer and Courtney Tucker from the Stelletto Squad...GREAT JOB!!!

Hoopla is not just a conference, it's the life time friendships you will make and experiences that you will never forget!! and it's in VEGAS this year!!!!! Be sure to register by March 31 for the great swag bag with $300 in goodies!!!!

If you are on the fence about Hoopla, wondering what it's all about, feeling a little timid and wondering about it all, be sure to talk with your sponsor or your fellow Stella Sisters to get their take on experiences, what it did for their businesses and all the friends that they made. I know for myself; I have gone to Hoopla since 2009 and the first one had around 250 there! I've watched this all grow year by year!! You have your roommates and those they you know from your team but we encourage you to make new friends, network, share and learn from others that you don't normally see! I just love our first night get togethers so that all of you can meet and see who is on your team from all over the US and Canada!! I can't wait to see what we will do this year!! I know it will be great to see and meet all of you!!!

Spring has Sprung and Summer is soon to debut April 8th!!!!

As we finish out the Month of March......

It's mid month and I am later getting this out to you than I had expected but I hope you enjoyed it! I do my best to get everyone included. My reports mostly go to the 4th team so it takes some research to get past that and make sure that I include all of you. I want you all to be acknowledged for your hard work!!

I am always open to anything you want to submit for the newsletter, too. As we finish out March, let's remember that it's Spring, the women are ready for a closet remodel and to spend money because they feel like they, too, are blooming after Winter.

I can't wait for the new totes to come out and the new Summer capsule collection!! Remember; that you don't have to get everything in the samples because what you already have is probably new to them, too!!

Autism Awareness will make April a great month also. Don't you just love that striped jewelry roll!! Your Stylist Lounge is the best resource and you should be stocking the place for all the new information coming out daily....if not hourly sometimes!! So much information right at your fingertips...the Company truly loves us and invests in so much to make our jobs easier.

Wishing you nothing but the most sparkly of days ahead!!

Miss Jackie