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Here's What's Going On at School: Feb 22 - Feb 26, 2916

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.”

~Hubert H. Humphrey, Former United States Vice-President~

Monday, February 22

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Buff’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • 3rd Grade to Peter and the Wolf - Buses leave 11:30 am

Tuesday, February 23

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Buff’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • Happy Birthday Ms. Genevieve! Enjoy your day!!

  • SPED DPs + Friends to Lighthouse Lanes - 9:45 am to 11:45 am

Wednesday, February 24

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Buff’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • Stephanie gone 1:15 pm for MAESP Meeting

Thursday, February 25

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Buff’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • TST Meeting - Miss Fondren’s Office - 4:00 pm

  • WINGS Visit Week - If you have a student in WINGS, please try to stop by today before 2:30 pm

Friday, February 26

  • PLEDGE: Mrs. Buff’s Class (please send 3-4 helpers to office by 8:50 am)

  • Celebration Assembly - APR - 2:45 pm


Pre-K Story Time (hosted by Parents as Teachers) in Library on Monday, February 29 (10:00 am)

Evangel’s Visual Perceptual Class visits on Tuesday, March 01 (9:00 am)

Faculty Meeting on Tuesday, March 01

Staff Celebration Lunch on Thursday, March 03

TST Meeting on Thursday, March 03

PTA Board Meeting on Thursday, March 03

Project HATS Day on Friday, March 04

End of 3rd Quarter on Friday March 04

Spring Break Monday, March 07 - Friday, March 11

No School on Monday, March 14: PL/PW Day

PTA Board Meeting on Tuesday, March 15

Spring Bus Evacuation Drills (K-5 Traditional Classes) on Thursday, March 17 (10:00 am)

TST Meeting on Thursday, March 17

STUCO Spirit Day on Friday, March 18

Spring Pictures on Wednesday/Thursday, March 23/24

Wildlife HERO Club Begins on Thursday, March 24 (4th & 5th only)

Celebration Assembly on Friday, March 25

SPED DP + Friends to SGF Gymnastics on Monday, March 28

Pre-K Story Time (Parents As Teachers) on Monday, March 28

4th Grade to Symphony on Tuesday, March 29

KDG & 1st Grade Performances on Tuesday, March 29

World Autism Day on Friday, April 01

Jumpin Joey’s Night on Friday, April 01

Faculty Meeting on Tuesday, April 05

Kindergarten Prep with Parents As Teachers on Tuesday, April 05

PTA Exec. Board Meeting on Tuesday, April 05

Paraprofessional Appreciation Day on Thursday, April 07

WINGS/Bridges Visit Day on Thursday!

If you have a student in WINGS (Phelps) or Bridges (Weaver), please make plans to visit our students there on Thursday (before 2:30 pm)! This is Gifted Education Week, and they love to show off their creative projects to you! Partner with a colleague, help cover each other's classes for a few minutes here and there if's important to honor the students in our gifted education programs for the work they do there each week. Thanks!

Twin Day Staff Pictures! Thanks for Participating!

ERF Challenge Accepted! 16!

WOWSERS! I am so impressed by the number of staff members that have taken the time to honor your colleagues by submitting an Employee Recognition Form! To date, I have received notification of 16 ERFs that have been submitted by our staff, and I thank you! It feels good to receive a pat on the back for work well done, so if you have not had a chance to submit a form just yet, take a minute and click HERE!

Keep Collecting Those GREEN Sheets!

Summer School has been re-imagined, and it's going to be FANTASTIC!! EXPLORE 2016 will provide meaningful, fun, engaging, and all-new options for students! Gone are the days of "Moving Up to 3rd Grade" and here to stay are themed courses that will feel more like a summer camp than summer school! Thanks to Elaina Whitson who has volunteered to serve as our EXPLORE liaison! We will have a couple of mobile devices set up near the front of the school so parents can register their children online. We will be making a BIG push to get our students enrolled, and I'm so happy to report that Delaware will serve as an EXPLORE site for 2016! There will be two sessions, one in June and one in July, for a full 8 weeks of summer programming. In your newsletters home, please let parents know that EXPLORE is coming, and it's going to be so much fun!!

UPDATE: Big NEWS!!! At Wednesday's principals' meeting, we learned that schools may receive up to a $4000 bonus to our school budgets if we meet and/or exceed enrollment goals for EXPLORE! So, as I'm thinking of ways we can bump up our enrollment, I may be asking for your help in personally contacting parents to bump up enrollment numbers! Trust me, $4000 is a HUGE number when you think about how much $$ we have had cut from our budgets in recent school years. THIS IS BIG! LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER AND MEET OUR GOALS!!!

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