Freedom Rides

Sarah, Jack, Keeland, and Everett

Report 1

The Freedom Rides consisted of seven blacks, 6 whites, he CORE (Congress of Racial Equality), and the SNCC (Student Non-violant Coordinating Committee). Basically the blacks and whites travelled in busses and when coming to a bus stop the blacks used whites restrooms and got beaten and took to jail. They wanted to test if they were actually segregated. They were inspired by inspirational African Americans, like Rosa Parks.

Report 2

This movment started on May 4, 1961. The rights activists are riding all over the south trying to stop bus segregation. Because of this event segregated buses have been outlawed. This has also effected other minority groups in almost the same way.

Report 3

The black members of society are confident in their cause and most other americans are furious with them. Some politicians have told us that this caused the government to outlaw segregated buses. The turnout of this event has enraged some Americans because they must now share this form of transportation.

Report 4

This event challenged the laws placed in the south. In this event many black and white citizens were beaten and jailed. This victory in the civil rights movement has allowed more protests to take place. This victory has also allowed black Americans to sit anywhere on the bus