Until We Meet Again

By: Micheal Korenbilt and Kathleen Janger

Book Summary

Two Jewish families the Nagelsztjn, and the Korenbilt go into hiding while the Nazis where taking over Poland. In the Korenbilt family there is a 17 year old son Meyer he is very curious. Before the war began Meyer was planing on getting married to his girlfriend Manya. Meyer ran out of hiding and got his girlfriend to make sure they were together.

The war began, no one is in sight everyone is in there hide out. They have no where to got but to get food. During the night the Nazis would go back to base and the Jews would sneak out to get food. While the rest of the Jews would go back to there hide out, but not Mayer he had other intentions. Where does Meyer go where does he run off to?


~ When the jews and the Nazis walk down the street the Jews would have to step to the side and tip there hats.

~most of the time when the Jews where in there hiding place they would often go weeks without food, if they felt it was not safe to go get food.

~Most Jews would hide in the walls or in there basement.

who would read this?

you would enjoy this book if you like books that have a little bit of history. This book is mainly about the Jews, and how they survived