Miss Niedringhaus September 8,2015


Tom Evans Fundraiser is due back by Wednesday! Please have your child sell sell sell! This is our PTO's biggest fundraiser for the school!

If you have not done so, please read the Code of Conduct and electronically sign! It is very important that everyone does this!

I am looking at having the Topic 2 Math test on Monday September 14.


Again, please make sure that homework is turned in on Monday's (this week it will be turned in on Tuesday because of the holiday). It is also very important that your child practice their math facts at home! We took our first timed test last week and practicing facts at home will greatly help on the timed tests. I know that it seems like a lot to do every night but we talked on Friday in class meeting and came up with some ideas, so ask your child how they can manage everything!



  • Students will find the sum of three addends using any order.
  • Students will find sums by making 10 when adding.
  • Students will draw a picture and write a number sentence to solve a story problem.
  • Students will review for topic 2 test.


  • Students will compare the characters of two stories.
  • Students will determine the point of view and author's purpose in a text.
  • Students will determine fact verses opinion.
  • Students will discuss the opinions of characters in a story.


  • Students will add transition words to their writing.
  • Students will revise their how-to-piece.
  • Students will edit their how-to-piece.
  • Students will write an opinion piece about something they want.


We will learn how to spell words with hard and soft c.