Its All About The Fam

By:Casey Stephens

LiL MoCo - PAISA'D OUT (Ca$h Out Cashin Out PARODY)

What Does Family Mean To Me?

Family means to me a group of people that love each other no matter what happens.

What Is A Immediate Family?

An immediate family is your blood relatives.

What Is A Extended Family?

It is a your cousins,aunts,uncles,grandmas, and grandma.

What Is A Guardian?

A person who has custody of you.

What Is An Adoptive/Foster Family? How Are They Different?

A family that adopts someone. They are different because a foster kid is someone who doesn't live with there real parents,but a adopted kid is a foster kid who gets a family.
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What Is A Diverse Family?

A diverse family is a family that could be different race or different sexual orientation.
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