hey people!

This year has been filled with drama, just the way I like it...


Serena van der Woodsen at Blair Waldorf's welcome back party, after a year of being at boarding school in some boring place. I trust S will make things exciting again... Right from the start Nate Archibald ditches B to reunite with his old friend. I hear B isn't so happy with him, or her. Thanks to baby Jenny Humphrey, the Kiss on the Lips party is well on track. Doesn't look like S is on the list though...


Vanessa spotted with a camera in hand, stalking us again? A little birdie told me the camera is for a movie, but after rejecting S, it will not be interesting.

I know you want to read more scandalous news, be patient and keep scrolling...

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Fall (October 3rd, 2000)

Sunny with small breezes, blowing around the secrets!


Always living her careless and perfect life, until now... She is used to everything being handed to her, but recently reality has hit her, HARD. Want to know more? You will just have to wait ;)


The talk around town is that D has a little crush on the famous Serena van der Woodsen. Will the quiet writer be able to impress the new model?



Mrs. Humphrey left Mr. Humphrey for some rich guy in Prague...

Nate refusing to talk about his past, but Chuck Bass seems very ready to spill. I always liked that he couldn't keep a secret.


Seems like Constance is rubbing off on V. "More unbelievable still was that Vanessa, queen of the alterna-rebel scene, had actually stooped to spreading rumors about a girl she barely knew" (111). I am excited for a new addition to the Upper East Side!
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