Ancient Egypt Medicine

How Egyptians learned and used medicine.

How medicine emerged in Ancient Egypt.

Medicine in Ancient Egypt emerged out of need. They needed to heal the men that worked on the monuments because they got injured a lot. Some of the methods that emerged were a healthy diet,eye surgery,heat therapy,splinting broken bones, uses of herbs, and dentistry.

What type of medicine did they use?

Ancient Egyptians used very different methods and processes to treat injured or ill people. For example in the article"Ancient Medicine" it states,"Herbs, acupuncture and prayer were commonly used to heal." They practiced eye surgery and heat therapy. They also practiced splinting broken bones.
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The mummification process.

They go through a process to turn a pharaoh to turn a pharaoh into a mummy.First,they they take the pharaoh into a tent called an ibu to clean it and take out the internal organs. Then they stick a hook up through the nose to take the brain out then stuff the body with natron to dry. They wait forty days then clean the body again and put back the dehydrated internal organs. Finally, they wrap the body in linen.
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Why Ancient Egyptian medicine is important today

Ancient Egyptian medicine is important today because we use a lot of the same methods of healing that they used long ago. We still use heat therapy, eye surgery, and we still splint broken bones.