Modified Steelhawk

By, Drake Stelljes

See the difference-experience it

The new and enhanced Steelhawk is a great thrill and has quite an interesting change. Instead of just going in circles and up some of the seats will out of nowhere go down and then back up. Think of this like the like you're playing tag with your eyes closed- you never know when the next move will be made. This interesting twist adds a whole new level of thrill to the Steelhawk. You could going down and then out of nowhere be jostled. This change is like nothing ever before.
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Types of motion in the new Steelhawk

There is straight line motion when you go straight down and then right back up. It also shows straight line when it slowly rises up. It shows circular motion when it goes in circles around the center pole.

Types of Forces in the New Steelhawk

One important force in the Steelhawk is gravity. Gravity is important because when you go down and then back up it keeps you from flinging out of the seat and from having a hard time going down. Gravity is also important because when you go up it keeps you from floating out of your seat. Friction is also involved in this ride. There is air resistance which as you turn in circles and move up and down it slightly resists you from turning as much.

Newton's Laws of motion.

Newton's first law is shown in this because as you are moving you don't stop until the operator stops the ride.

Newton's second law is shown because a seat with two people in it will move slightly slower than a seat with one person

Newton's third law as you go in a circle forward you are pushing back on the seat so you stay in the seat instead of flying out