The Road So Far

What happened until now?

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Meeting Chapecó

Chapecó is considered the capital of Western Santa Catarina, with around 200.000 inhabitants, it is full of opportunities and potential to become an even better place to live. We have a bit of gaucho culture, German, Italian and many other mixed this unmistakable and admirable Brazilianness.

It's located close to Argentina and Paraguai, besides cities like Foz do Iguaçu and Ametista. Also made devise with another Brazilian state, Rio Grande do Sul and in this divisa we have a beautiful Tyrolean over Uruguay River.

The city has a strong economy, around five universities, and a beautiful downtown. The night is very heretic with several pubs and clubs to visit. Also his pleasant climate in summer and the winter cold brings for town turist from all around the world.

But mostly, here we have a warm welcome, as people in Brazil are lovely and receptive. You can walk around the street or go to a supermarket and people are friendly and speak to you about little things in the daily routine.

Also we have some big-city benefits, like shopping mall, movies and more, combined with facility of locomotion of a small town.

Chapecó is a mix of contrasts just waiting for being explored!

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But Before That...

The year begin with the contract signature with the TN Takers. Together the iGCDP team, went to NOGs, school and universities to introduce the projects and to show the importance of change and the generation a positive impact in our community.

Nowadays we have a partnership with the municipal board of education, where our projects will run in seven schools. Also we have a partnership with eight NOGs and one University (UNOCHAPECÓ)

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New Members helping in this delivery

In beginning of April, we had the selective process to new members join us in the delivery of this experiences. After a weekend of learning and connecting themselves with the AIESEC purpose, the work was just beginning.

In the following weekend each Project team organize them Team Days; A moment to create a connection, to take the doubts and discuss how we can provide amazing experiences to the exchange students.

What People in Chapecó think about being host?

About being a host? I can say that I am anxious and curious about this experience. Having a different person in my home it would be awesome. I hope we exchange informations about the culture, both my as his, and learn a lot together. I would love to show that here, we have much more to offer than soccer and pretty womens, we are a lovely people that cares about others needs. So basically, I want to make part of his exchange and contribute to a good experience here in Chapecó. - Nilara Pavan

AIESEC in Chapecó

AIESEC Chapecó welcomes you!

And you are invited for this saturday!!!!!

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