GHS Staff Newsletter

May 2016

Congratulations Ashley!

Can't wait for little baby Becker in November!

May and Summer Birthdays! Happy Birthday Everyone!

Lacie Moore - May 2

Jen Maguire - May 10

Allison Anderson - May 11

Everett Charlson - May 15

Cheryl Moss - May 25

Penny Davis - June 8

Kristyn Leinen - June 15

Kevin Litchfield - June 18

Randy Carroll - June 28

Sarai Dodge - June 30

Jodi Hurn - July 3

Michelle Stuber - July 11

Brooke Shea - July 19

Rebekah Hamblin - July 20

Prom and Spring Athletics Pictures

A look back at the year, as it comes to a close...

The school year of 2015-16 is now almost done.

Still looking forward, but reflecting back on the fun.

We didn't know how it would go

Ever hopeful, but lots to find out and know.

So many new things for attempting

between PBL and Block Scheduling.

We've made it so far, only a month left,

let's see if the students pass their tests.

We had a ball with sports this fall.

Football, XC, and volleyball had great seasons.

The basketball teams, too, played well for a reason.

The cold winter seemed like it would always last.

Now track meets and soccer games are rushing past.

Graduation is coming sooner than you think.

Some seniors are ready, others are on the brink.

Next fall we'll usher in a new year of students.

Hopeful the upperclassmen will treat them with prudence.

Moving forward, but sometimes glancing back.

We taught everyone and handled any situation with tact.

Thank you to all for whom teaching is a must.

You really make a difference to students who trust.

Let's make this May the best we've ever seen.

And maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to glean

A little more hard work, a little kindness too

Out of these students who won't know what to do

When the summer comes, and school is done.

Have an awesome May everyone!

Sincerely, The Vision, Culture, and Climate Team

Melissa Appel, Cathy Anderson, Cheryl Moss, Scott Auderer, Bonnie Pohl, Heather Schurr