News from Mrs. C's Room

Feb. 17th - 21st

Tidbits From the Teacher

We had so much fun at our Valentine's party! We ate candy at 9:49 in the morning, ate donuts & fruit, read valentines, and enjoyed each other's company. It was a good time and it wouldn't have happened without our room mom and all of the parents who sent items, helped with valentines, and made sure your sweetie was dressed for our party.

Rainbow Looming was a big success and I believe there are some new fans. Looming will make for a great segue into writing "How-To's."

Here is the link to several different looming designs that I promised the class!

Things to Do/Remember:

1. Send homework on Monday.

2. Practice at least 3 times each week please!

3. Send in receipts from Orange Leaf Yogurt this month. Sommer earns money every time you enjoy a treat there.

Class Wish List

-If you have any children's size crutches, slings for arms, or other items that children would use if injured or needing extra support, could we borrow them? Please send Monday or Tuesday morning. (It's for our PBL Project #2!)

-Any Books (picture or chapter) that you are no longer reading at home would make great additions to our class library

Dates to Remember

Feb. 17th: School Day

Feb. 18th: Picture Day!! (our time is 11:06-send in forms for group picture)

Feb. 19th: PBL Project #2 begins

What We'll Be Learning...

Math: This is an exciting week in math because we’ll be starting our second semester PBL project and it will tie in nicely with our math concepts!! We begin with a study of measurement where we will explore approximations and exact measurements of length. We’ll use standard and metric systems as we discover the rules of measuring length. We’ll use these new skills throughout our PBL project.

Reading: We will move into an expository (nonfiction) unit. Students will learn how to merge thinking with new learning by “coding” on sticky notes. This practice will help students to monitor their inner voice while reading. This week we will also introduce “Reading Like a Third Grader” to our students. Together as a class, we will read short passages and accompanying comprehension questions. Students will learn strategies to help them think deeply about what they are reading and how to strategically answer multiple-choice questions in a testing format.

Writing: Students will be looking at a variety of procedural texts (cookbooks, How-To books, Drawing books…). Lists will be made on things we know how to do, know how to make and know how to “be”. Students will choose one of those topics and write a “How To” making sure to use sequencing words to show the order in their writing.

Science: This week we will be moving from food chains to life cycles. Students will observe distinct changes that some insects undergo in their lives knows as a life cycle. Our focus during this unit will be insects. Students will learn some insects go through stages including egg, larva, pupa and adult; such as, crickets. However, students will observe that insect behavior and appearance can be very different from one life cycle stage to another, for example pupae are dormant while larvae typically eat, such as, the mealworm.

Grammar: It's time for some awesome adjectives and itty bitty articles work!