Digital Footprint

Alexis Villagran

What Is a Digital Footprint?

Digital Footprints are the trail, traces or "footprints" that people leave online. It is important because if you leave a good mark on the internet you will more likely to get a job you want.

My Digital Footprint Consist Of.

I use Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger. I use Twitter for entertainment. I use Linkedin so I will be able to get a job later in the future. And Blogger I use it for Digital Literacy and for my 20 percent project.
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What Is My Digital Footprint Saying About Me?

For my twitter will impact me in a bad way because it will say that i’m childish Because I have thing that are funny. For my Linkedin Profile it will say the Focused because I got 100% on my Constitution test. For my Blogger It will says that I'm creative because of the things I did for the 20% Project.

What Impact Does/Can My Footprint Have On My Future?

The linkedin profile was helpful because it could help me get a job later in life.The Twitter profile can harm me because I retweet funny things and companies might think I’m childish.

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Things I Can Do To improve My Footprint

I can stop from retweeting the funny things on Twitter and act more mature. For the Linkedin profile I could start adding more things that I have accomplished

Most Important Thing I learned About Digital Footprint.

Is that whatever you put online good or bad sticks with even when trying to get a job.
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Other Social Media/When Googled

YouTube. I use YouTube to watch videos, but I don't make Videos. and don't plan to.When I Google myself My Twitter came up. Before I had a Twitter nothing about me Showed up.