Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

March 1, 2013

What is going on?

Math: The students will work on patterns using algebraic thinking. Students will continue working with numbers up to 999 and above. We will be using hands on models to make numbers to help students get more comfortable and flexible in their thinking. We will be doing some hands on growing patterns problems. Students will be completing problem solving each day in math, at this point in the year the problems will be multi-step and require higher level thinking. Problem solving is connected to everyday experiences.

Science: The focus in science will be a continuation of the water cycle. Students will be learning about the water cycle by isolating each stage then bringing it altogether. This week we will be focusing on condensation and precipitation. Students will be conducting several experiments to experience condensation and precipitation hands on. Later in the week, students will be working independently on a weather and water cycle menu to apply their learning.

Reading: The big idea in reading will be using tall tales all week. Students will be focusing on the difference between the truth and exaggeration from each of these tales. Later on in the week students will be creating a tall tale about their lives. Students will independently be responding to the tall tales in their reader's response notebook.

Writing: In writing students will be working on small moment stories and writing our Tall Tale.

Please send in pictures, picture money and field trip permission slips!

I will be out Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Tiwari will be taking care of our kids. Have a great Spring Break!

I was wondering if a parent could donate two boxes of toothpicks for a math activity next week. Please respond if you are able. Thanks!

Last night I emailed you, your student’s weather report. I hope you were able to enjoy the video! We had a great time making them! I think a few stars were born! You have charismatic kids!


Wednesday, March 6 - Early Release at 12:45 pm

Monday - Friday, March 11 - 15 - Spring Break, No School