Get Whitt it!

If you call one wolf, you invite the pack.

Green Team

Will pick up on Wednesday next week, since we're out on Thursday!

Summatively speaking...

We'll start sending appts soon for our EOY summative meetings. Please complete your TSR II & III by May 6th.

Maker Spaces

Have you heard about the Maker Movement? Or Makerspaces? I've attended a few sessions on them at EdCamps, talked with fellow educators about them casually, stalked a few Maker Leaders on Twitter, visited a few campuses that have started them, and of course, I have read many blogs, articles, and opinion posts regarding the movement in education.

If you have not (or even if you have), I have added a super short video below to introduce the concept.

I played devil's advocate for a bit--Is it just playing? Is it a waste of funding? Is it a short lived fad? Can it even be tied to curriculum? I've found mixed reviews. And though opinions of Makerspaces vary, I am intrigued by the basis of such a movement in education, especially with elementary-aged students. Here's a pretty good article I recently read: "How to Ensure that Making Leads to Learning."

Interested in learning more? Or forming a team to help make our Whitt Maker space a reality? Tell me here!

What is a MakerSpace?

Bradshaw Blurbs...


TEA training modules are up and due by March 18th! See me with any questions!

Please note that materials will be arriving very soon. The conference room will be unavailable while secure STARR materials are on site.

STAAR Writing is Tuesday, March 29th. Please plan for regular PACK, recess (K-3), and lunch schedules on this day. Campus Testing Schedule and information coming soon!


We are finishing up ratings on students writing collections.

Reading testing will be next Monday and Tuesday. Mrs. Frame will send you a schedule and pull necessary students during their scheduled time. Wednesday will be a make-up day. Please note that the 2nd computer lab will be unavailable on these days.

Techno Tidbit

Ready to get your Google on?

We had such success with our 3rd and 4th grade lunch & learn that we wanted to extend the Google Drive love! For the next 9 weeks, I'm going to give you some easy google challenges. Each one you complete will get you entered into a $50 Office Depot shopping spree! :)

Step 1. Watch this short overview video about Drive to refresh your Google brain on what it is!

Step 2. Login to your WISD Google apps account. If you need a reminder on how, check out this site!

(Email Lee Hattaway if you need your password reset!)

Step 3. Open the Google Drive app by selecting the Apps launcher icon found in the upper left hand corner of the Chrome web browser and select the Google Drive app.

Step 4. Create a NEW Google Doc and title the document with your name. In the document, share one way you can use Drive and docs as a teacher. Need help with how to use Docs?

Step 5. Share your newly created document with Teamann and Bradshaw. Be sure and give us edit rights.

Need help on how to share a doc?

Next week’s Challenge will be on Google Forms. Have fun getting your “Google on!”

Readworthy for the week

My thoughts...A Principal's View: My Moment - Day 45 - "Swing By"

(As I always have my phone in my hand, this one hits allows me to be accessible at all times..which is both good and bad! Feel free to text me to "swing by" anytime!!)

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Patty's Pontifications

Happy birthday to YOU!

March 1- Jennifer Hunter

March 16- Anita Jackson

April- Debbie Hauenstein

April 22- Melissa Sellers

What goes down in the principals office...

Kid Snippets: "Principal's Office" (Imagined by Kids)

Calendar Comings

March 21- Garden Club, MajorSaver at 1pm on announcement channel

March 22- AT out (IF), SB out (CTC meeting)

March 23- SB out (AP),

March 24- Campus PD day, 8am-3pm

March 25- Good Friday

March 28- 4th grade author celebration, 1:30 STAAR assembly 4th grade

March 29- Writing STAAR

March 30- Teddi here

March 31-

April 1- 3rd 9 weeks, Student Celebrations