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Quarterly News from Honors Math 7

From the Classroom

The first nine weeks of Honors Math 7 have been filled with learning, not only new mathematical ideas and concepts, but also classroom procedures and expectations.

Since the start of the year, Honors Math 7 students have been practicing presenting their work in an organized format which includes copying a problem from the text, showing their steps logically and vertically, and leaving space for notes or corrections. While some struggle to appreciate the significance of this important discipline, once acquired it is something they will carry with them throughout their mathematical careers.

In addition to learning new content your student has also participated, both individually and collaboratively, in rich problem-solving opportunities. It is in this realm that Honors Math 7 students thrive and grow mathematically as they push themselves to communicate their approach and listen to others' strategies.

Over the next two quarters Honors Math 7 students will be participating in several mathematics competitions which will allow them demonstrate their ability to think mathematically to solve challenging problems.

New Ideas from 2nd Quarter

The quarter started out as a review for most students, which can be beneficial since they are just getting back from summer break and also trying to get the hang of the rigors of being a student in the Junior High School. Now nine weeks into the year, Honors Math 7 students are working hard communicating their knowledge both verbally and in written form.

Some concepts this quarter that have led to interesting conversations, both in and out of the classroom include: identifying functions using the Vertical Line Test; proving the product of two negative numbers is positive; dividing by zero; a number raised to the power of zero, as well as zero raised to the power of zero; negative exponents; perfect numbers; how subtraction is really addition; and finding the number of factors an monomial has.

I feel confident that if you asked your student about any of these topics they would be happy to tell you what they have learned.

Tips for Parents

Here's a link to a great article from titled Supporting Your Child in Middle School Math

Try This!

Here is an example of the type of problem solving your student is exposed to in Honors Math 7:

Watson is participating in the school fundraiser by selling cases of fruit. He sold 4 cases of oranges and 2 cases of apples and collected a total of $128. If the price of a case of oranges is half the price of a case of apples, what is the cost of each case of apples?

Laurel, Murray and Nasim also participated in the fundraiser. Laurel sold 8 cases of strawberries and 6 cases of grapefruit collecting $340. Muray sold 3 cases of strawberries and 2 cases of grapefruit and collected $120. How much did Nasim collect if he sold 7 cases of strawberries and 5 cases of grapefruit?

In the same fundraiser, Cooper was only able to sell one case each of oranges, apples, strawberries and grapefruit. How much did Cooper collect?

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