Omolayo Shorunke December 10, 2014 Blk 2

7th Amendment

States that where the value in controversy shall exceed shall exceed $20, the right of trial by jury shall be otherwise re-examined in any court of the U.S.A, than according the rules of the common law

Court Case

Case against Tux and U.S tux spilled waste into wetlands U.S wanted to receive 20 million. Tux was denied a civil court 20 million dollar injective spilling waste. He took the case to the next level Supreme court and the Supreme court said that he should be given a case by the 7th Amendment

Case Senario

My dad and I were driving to Walmart when a car came crashing into the back of the car. My dad got out the car an said " I'm taking you to court.". He wanted $5,000 for the car but, the man didn't want to go to court. My dad didn't get a case so, he went up there and demanded one stating the 7th Amendment. " I have the right of trial case over $20."

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