Olivia's top 5 books

The best of the best !

The Fault in Our Stars by Jonh Green

This book is about a girl named Hazel who was diagnosed at age thirteen. with terminal lung cancer. When Hazel is sixteen her parent think she's depressed (which she is) so she is forced to attend a support group where she meets Gus and Issac. This book has been one of the most influential book I have ever read because it teaches that life is precious and that we need to live our lives to the fullest.

The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

This book is about a girl named Rory, who has just moved from a small town out side of New Orleans-Louisiana . Rory will be attending a boarding school. When Rory arrives in London there is big new of a killing that was sweeping London . The killing was just like one of jack the rippers. As the book goes on Rory thinks she saw the killer but her roommate didn't see anyone.

Some other great book titles

Encouraged & Discouraged to become a reader

When I was little around the age of seven or eight I had been reading for a whole but the books when read for school were bad and I only read one good book. In sixth and seventh grade i fell in love with all of the books shown above I think that really encouraged me to become a better reader.

What books influenced you ?

The two books that inspire be the most were 13 little blue envelopes and the last little blue envelope. In those stories the main character Ginny travels to Europe (my favorite continent ) . Specifically London, Paris, Italy, Greece, Scotland and Ireland . Some day when I'm older I want to make it to all of these country's