CG Counselor Update

November 2018

Community News

Counselors from Cary-Grove HS visited McHenry County College last month to hear more about internship opportunities in the manufacturing field and to take a tour of the brand new Liebman Science Center. The state-of-the-art facility includes a cadaver lab and planetarium.

What's happening?

Freshmen: Counselors will be visiting seminar classes starting the last week in November. We will be discussing the 4-year plan and registering students for their sophomore year.

Sophomores: Counselors are currently in the process of registering students for their junior year. Please discuss with your student their course selections and encourage them to schedule an appointment with their counselor if they have not yet had a meeting. Deadline 11/9.

Juniors: Registration will begin Nov. 27. Counselors will be meeting individually with your student. Great time of year to consider the post high school plan. College, trades, military?

Seniors: Be aware of priority filing dates for college applications. Paper transcript request forms must be filled out before transcripts will be sent. Please give your counselor and teachers two weeks to process application paperwork and recommendations.

Check out the electives website!

Upcoming Events

December ACT

Friday, November 2, is the deadline to register for the December 8 ACT.

Late registration, November 3-19. Late fee $30.

MCC Night November 14

Is your student considering McHenry County College as a post high school option? Get your application and financial aid questions answered on November 14, 2018 from 5:30 to 7:30pm. No RSVP needed. Application fee waived for those who attend.

Military ASVAB Testing - December 7

Interested in a career in the military or just curious? ASVAB testing is a required test for anyone going into the service. Taking the test is not a commitment and your scores are kept confidential. You must RSVP to the Student Services office by 12:00 pm, Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

Parenting the Adolescent

There are many community opportunities to help parents successfully raise the child, here are some upcoming events at area schools:

November 14: District 214-Successful Parenting – Raising Independent Children into Adulthood

December 6: Barrington High School-Understanding Teen Stress & Anxiety

January 15: New Trier High School -Intervention and Strategies to Engage Students and Families with School Anxiety/School Refusal

College Athletics

If your student is hoping to compete in Division I or II college athletics, let your student's counselor know. High school course selection, grade point average, and standardized test scores all play a part in this process.

NCAA Eligibility Center -


Cary-Grove students have been taking the state mandated SAT since 2017, but many students elect to try both. With the redesign of the SAT, the two tests are now more similar than ever before. Some students find one test to be more to their liking than the other. Below is a link that will give you a little more information on the two tests.

ACT Test Dates 2018-19

December 8

February 9

April 13

June 8

July 13*

*Cary-Grove HS is a national test center for all above dates except the July test date.

Register for the ACT at

SAT Test Dates 2018-19

November 3

December 1

March 9

May 4

June 1

The SAT is offered locally at Crystal Lake South HS and Woodstock North HS.

Register for the SAT at