The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Symbolism in hunger games CATCHING FIRE

In the hunger games it talks about the difference between the rich or the capital and the poor. One way they are different is poor people have little or no food "the rich" have feasts of food every night.

Setting of hunger games catching fire

The setting of the hunger games is a small country called panem. This country went through it all and rose from the ashes of North America. It has suffered through droughts, storms, fires, and war.
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The conflict in the book is the capitol and president snow. They hold the games for their amusement. This is a man vs. man conflict


Way before the start of the series there were 13 districts. Now only 12 remain. District 13 was destroyed as a punishment for the horrifying amusement called the hunger games. Two tributes between ages 12 to 18 get picked in a drawing each year. One tribute must be male another female. They are chosen to honor their district and stay alive.

Book review

In the book THE HUNGER GAMES it talks about bravery, friendship, love, war, and family. This is a book when you read one you want to read them all. It pulls the reader in by using attracting word play. We watch Katniss grow not only in talent and skill but mature drastically. It tells you the background of the country, Katniss, and her family. It tells the horror the country, and Katniss has seen, and been through. We see her love and compassion to her family and friends. It shows her bravery and skill. If you are into action, and war books you will like this book I hope you read this book because it truly is a good book.
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