The California Times

By Tyler Sewell

An Interview with Jenna Fox

California TImes had an interview with a revolutionary girl named Jenna Fox. She is made of mostly Bio Gel and lives in California. She is the daughter of Matthew and Claire Fox. Here is the discussion we had with this amazing person.

CT: "What is it like being mostly made of bio gel?"

JF: "I don't like it because I don't fit in with the others. I am also illegal which means I don't get to interact outside of my house a lot. It is tough being made of bio gel."

CT: "How did you find out about the accident?"

JF: "I was at my neighboor, Mr. Bender's house when I was using his netbook to find out about what happened in the accident. My netbook kept me from getting into that stuff.

CT: "Who were Kara and Locke to you?"
JF: "Kara and Locke were my best friends for a long time. When the accident happended though, I lost them both just weeks after. I was really sad about that."

CT: "What was your family like?"

JF: "I lived with my Mom and my grandma. My dad was in Boston working on his creations like bio gel. My Mom, who I used to call Claire was always looking out for me though.

CT: "Who was Mr. Bender?"

JF: "Mr. Bender was my neighboor and I really good friend to me ever since I moved to Califiornia. He did art with the nature he finds, like one time he made a serpent out of pine needles. He was a really nice person."

CT: "Why did you move to California?"

JF: "My parents were trying to keep me in a remote location from the FSEB because I am more than 49% bio gel.

CT: "Do you ever wish you had your old life back?"

JF: "Sometimes I do but then I realize what I wouldn't have had like Ethan and Allys. And I can't change what has already happened .

CT: "Did you appreciate your parents making you out of bio gel, or would you have wanted to die?

JF: "In the end I appreciate it but I am so much different than everyone else. They did it because they loved me but they made me almost a completely new person.

CT: "Did you learn anything about yourself by watching the videos of your old self?"

JF: "Yes like how I used to call my mom Claire. I also really wanted a red dress to wear. It brought little memories back to me.

CT: "If your child was in an accident and needed more help than the law allowed, would you save her just as your parents did for you?"
JF: "Yes because I love my child and I think that they have the right to live. They might be mad at the beginning but they will find new friends and things to do."

CT: "Thank you for your time."

JF: "You're welcome."

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(First Picture) Kara Manning, 17, died in a car crash falling over 100 feet off of a ledge. She was the driver and if she lived, could've been charged for manslaughter. Also in the car was Locke Jenkins, 16. He was another passenger in the same car as Kara.

(Second Picture) Locke Jenkins died 2 weeks after the crash without being consciouss again. Kara Mannning died 3 weeks after the crash after suffering with severe head trauma. Another passenger in the car was Jenna Fox who lived. Their death date cannot be exposed to the public.

(Third Picture) A man under the pseudomym of Clayton (Edward) Bender died at the age of 88. He had a severe form of cancer that killed him over a period of 7 months. He lived in California for a long time. He died at 4:01 pm on Wednesday.

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National News

The FSEB has released a new law that says you can have 200 points instead of the original 100. Also people active in the Military recieve 500 points. Lastly you can be up to only 25% of your original body and still be considered human. This will make a difference in war, meeting new people, and it could potentialy save you from death.

The FSEB made this change due to the rapid growth of guns and criminals. With the rapid increase of these weapons, they can kill much more effectively. Now it's legal to be able to save yourself when you are shot. This could also make military more effective because we can heal soldiers better.

Being human now is having 25% of original you. If anyone violates the law by being under 25% they shall go to prison for a certain amount of time. That amount of time is judged by FSEB officials.

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Brr! It is going to get really cold this week. It will stay in the mid-fourties for most of the week. On Tuesday and Wednesday though it will drop into the upper thirties. It will be cloudy for the majourity of the week, so bundle up and stay warm.


We have great sports news for you! In football the 49er's beat the Cowboys 14-10 and the Chargers beat Houston 24-14. In hockey, the LA kings lost to the New York Rangers 3-2 in overtime. Also the San Jose Sharks beat the Montreal Canadiens 1-0. Now in baseball, the Angels creamed the Yankees 7-5 but the Giants lost to Chicago White Socks 5-2. Lastly in basketball, the Lakers beat the Wizards 79-73.
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Job Listings

Is anyone looking for a job? Here are some opporitunities that are sure to please!

Bio Gel Engineer-Requires PHD-Pasedena Hospital

Robot Mechanic- Requires Mechanic Degree-Robo Inc.

Hoverecraft Manufacturer-Mechanic Degree-Honda

Teacher-Requires Teaching Degree-Orange County Elementary

Grocery Store Cashier-No experiance required-Kroger

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