The New iOS 7 Update

Is it worth all the talk?

What's the hype all about?

Everything's all digital nowadays with all of these new phones and gadgets becoming available on the market. Most people have smartphones that serve as a part of their daily lives. With the world-renowned iPhone by Apple, people can not only call and text, but can now keep up with a calendar, download apps, take pictures, use social media sites, and use the internet; all in one small device. Everyone knows about this and the positives, but recently something has been the topic everyone's talking about, the update iOS 7 which is specifically for the iPhone.

Some New Features

With the anticipated update, we would expect an impeccable amount of change, right? iOS 7 has lived up to that expectation (at least physically). It comes with an absolutely beautiful design that has taken over everything from the home screen layout to the font of the phone.

Other new things are that there is an easier control system that allows you to turn off and put the iPhone in airplane mode, a notification center that lets you be updated about missed calls and acts as a kind of to-do list, the ability to switch through apps without being interrupted, and a new camera as well as an improved storage system.

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Here Come the Negatives

With all of these improvements, it's so so hard to believe that there are many troublesome aspects that come with the update. Some users have already said that there is a security glitch that allows anyone to unlock your phone and go through your personal information (pretty scary). Another thing is that when you reset the phone, that some apps automatically resets the data, meaning that all the progress that you make in Candy Crush will be lost. Did you hear that? Lost.

The design also has something wrong. With all the swiping and moving around objects (in order to "make it faster and simpler" for all the impatient people) as well as the moving background, it's actually caused motion sickness for some individuals. The font is smaller now, which may be a bit rough for those with not-so-perfect vision.

Should I Upgrade?

Honestly, I'm not going to be the kind of person to force an idea down your throat (ahem, Apple). It's a great phone, with a decent amount of positive features, but I believe that the only thing that's really changed with this update is the physical design. It's appealing to the eye, but this company failed this time around. Phone companies should focus on making a good system that everyone can easily use, instead of focusing on making "pretty" things. The only real reason people actually buy this claim though, is because we are in a society who only cares for looks, not actual real qualities. You know it, everyone does. Do what you want, update it or not, but I personally wouldn't associate with this phone. Go for a Samsung next time.