Department of Energy (D.O.E)

By: Conner and Hayden

Main Purposes

Today the DOE is put responsible for the national, economic, and energy sources of the U.S. regarding nuclear power, fossil fuels, and alternative energy sources.

Main Mission

The mission statement that the DOE is working to accomplish every day is, it is to ensure America's security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative and scientific issues.


Department of Energy

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History of the D.O.E

In the past there were only certain energy companies that only worked with petroleum and coal. Office of Fossil Energy was a company from the 20th century who had gathered plenty of oil for day to day resources. It was during WW2 that soldiers got a very new energy source for military purposes only.

Head of The Department of Energy

1. The head of the Department of Energy goes by the name of Dr. Ernest Moniz, he is the secretary of energy.

2. Ernest was appointed to this position because of how experienced he was, before he worked for the DOE he worked as a professor in engineering systems at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

3. Ernest's main job is to oversee all the Department's science and energy programs.

DOE Flowchart Structure

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Department of Energy Budget

In 2013 the DOE budgeted up to $21.9 billion to do business which is a lot better than the president's proposal in 2013 for $27.2 billion. Also to let you know all this money goes towards energy and nuclear security, scientific discovery and innovation, environmental management, and management excellence.

Current issues the D.O.E is dealing with.

1. The GAO and the NNSA are responsible for 65% of the DOE's fiscal year of more than $26 billion in 2012

2. This year GAO is further narrowing the focus of its high-risk designation to major contracts and projects, those with values of at least $750 million, to acknowledge progress made in managing smaller value efforts.