Science fair presentation!

By Nathanel Frenkel

What is my science fair presentation about? What is my question?

My scientific question is:

How do you measure radioactivity? How does it harm people?

I will be looking at several factors proving how radiation harms people... i will also learn how you can mesure radiation! However, only ionizing radiation, radiation strong enough to charge the atoms of the object it is in contact with!

How do you measure radioactivity ?

Ionizing radioactivity is measured with sieverts per hour by a geiger meter. For example, a banana gives out 1 microsievert per hour (or 1/1,000,000 of a sievert per hour). Depending on how exposed the object is to radioactivity, the more exposed, the more sieverts per hour. Humans die if they are exposed to more than 120,000,000 microsieverts per hour (or 2 sieverts). On a regular day you are usually exposed to 0.5 microsieverts per hour, however other places may be more, such as fukushima.

Where is the most radioactive place on earth?

On a plane, you get between 3-6 microsieverts per hour depending on altitude. In Fukushima, just standing there will give you 10-12 microsieverts per hour. Marie Curie's door knob, chair and drawer each give out 3 microsieverts per hour. Pure uranium gives out 0.5 microsieverts per hour and is luminescent under UV light. Out of all of those, this next lone is the most radioactive. In Pyripat hospital, near chrenoble there are clothes of firemen fighting the accident in their basement. This gives out 94,000 microsieverts per hour. Actually, the Chrenobyl accident is so bad that there are sightings of mutated animals, such as deers with two missing legs!

How much is a normal amount?

The average human gets about 2,000 sieverts per year.

People around Fukushima will get an excess 10,000 sieverts in their lifetime.

One CT Scan gives out 7,000 sieverts.

US radiation workers get around 50,000 sieverts per year.

Astronauts get 160,000 sieverts in a year on the International Space Station.

However, can you guess who gets the most dosage of sieverts per year?

Smokers, a smoker gets over 200,000 sieverts (or 200,000,000,000 microsieverts) per year because of the radioactive polonium and led in cigars and cigarettes.