Discovery Education: More than Just Videos!

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More than Just Videos!

When you see the Discovery Education logo, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Streaming! Discovery Education is a great place to start when you are looking for quality content to share with your students. They have great videos and clips for streaming.

However, there are also tons of additional activities and lesson plans. AND teachers can create classes in DE, assign videos or assignments, and even build online poster boards!

If you are interested in trying something new with your students, why not start with an old favorite and try some of its new features!

CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Try one of the following activities:

Activity 1 - Create a Class and an Assignment

Discovery Education allows you to create your class online and share exclusive DE content with your students. This is a great way to differentiate instruction and help support learning in small groups.

Click here to get started.


Activity 2 - Build a Board for Your Class

As a classroom teacher, you are the expert on the content your students must be exposed to in order to ensure students have a deep understanding of the concepts. You have studied the standards, unpacked the standards, and scoured the Earth for resources. That's why you landed here! Well, DE makes it easy to organize that content to move you away from the theater feel of showing videos on the projector to a more personalized learning environment where students are working at their own pace with your guidance and support.

Meet Board Builder. This tool helps you create a unit or lesson in a digital poster that plays DE videos/clips, includes DE content, and shares teacher created content/assessments.


Activity 3 - Allow Students to Create a Board as a Wrap-up Activity

If creating a Board for your class is appealing, imagine giving your students the power to show what they know by creating their own boards! Let your students flex those creative muscles and upgrade your poster presentations to digital boards. They can be shared with other students and used as collaborative projects. There are lots of ways to use Board Builder to enhance the learning experiences in your classroom.

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Need Integration Assistance?

Need help integrating a digital resource into your class activities? Want to co-teach a lesson? Want to set up one-on-one training? Simply have questions on how to best implement a technology resource? In your request, try to be specific with what your needs are. Say something like "I would like training with/in..." or "I'm planning out a lesson and need to bounce an idea off you about..."

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