Union Weekly Staff Update

Volume 30- March 20, 2016

Our Mission

Union Elementary strives to create a nurturing and kid focused learning environment where teachers, students, and parents work together in supportive and collaborative partnerships so all students can meet their potential.

A Message from Jen

WOW! I have made it through my first Spotlight Night and I must say, I am blown away! What an amazing event for our students! Thank you to everyone who was involved in big ways or small! Your dedication to our school is noticed and appreciated. Whether you were leading students, hanging directions, or just plugging the event with students, thank you!! For those who were unable to attend, check out the Union Twitter page and prepare to be amazed. Erin did a great job capturing the transformation of our school!

We have just 4 days left until Spring Break, and only 4 days left with our fabulous colleagues Jackie Abbott (kindy), Dana Patterson (music), Katie Janey (OT Intern), and Justina Adams (School Health Care Professional). They have quickly become part of our school family and we are so appreciative of all that they have done for our staff, students, and families. Please join me in the staff lounge on Thursday morning for some breakfast treats in their honor.

In other celebrations, let's close out March in comfort. Since we will all be in Beach Attire of Thursday, everyone is welcome to wear jeans Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

See you in the morning!


This Week's Events

Monday, March 20th

4th grade speakers from Harrison House and Boone REMC

Tuesday, March 21st

8:00, RtI PLC in Conference Room; HA PLC in Sharon's Room

10:15, State Tornado Drill. We will participate. Please review procedures with students.

12-4, 4th grade Transition Meetings in Conference Room

1-3, Erin and Jen at Elementary Principals Meeting

Wednesday, March 22nd

12:30-1:05, Star Student Lunches

4th Grade Ready, Set, Grow talks from Ruth Lilly

Thursday, March 23rd

Kokomo Beach Day

10:00, Office Meeting

Friday, March 24th

No School- Spring Break Begins!

Kokomo Beach Day

Kokomo Beach Day Announcement-

Thursday, March 24th is Kokomo Beach Day at Union! In celebration of Spring Break, the entire school will dress as if traveling to warmer weather. For example, wear shorts, bright colored clothes, flower printed clothes, short sleeve t-shirts, maxi dresses, sandals, etc! Please make sure to dress appropriate (no swim suits) and wears coats, sweat pants, sweatshirts, and tennis shoes over these “spring” like clothes as your child travels to school and heads out to recess. Also, we are asking for quarter donations for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Don’t forget to wear your favorite “Spring” attire and bring your BEACH TOWEL to sit on during lunch!

March Birthdays

The happiest of birthdays to the following STARS who will be celebrating another year during the month of March:

March 12- Joy Manna

March 16- Shannon Merrell and Deb Grammas

March 18- Allison Martin

Custodial and Maintenance Needs

As of this writing, Union Elementary has returned to pretty much its usual appearance. An ABM team made the rounds late Saturday after the last of the parks was disassembled in order to attend to usual cleaning routines. However, around the building, you may notice some remnants of the big event. Jill, Nicole, and others will be returning Monday to take care of staples, tape on glass, etc. Other things will likely be gone after a normal cleaning routine (ie tape on the floors) or during the deeper cleaning that will happen over Spring Break (ie debris in the bleachers). Thank you for your patience and understanding. If there are issues that linger after Spring Break, be sure to let me know.

As we look ahead to Spring Break....and soon to follow summer...we would like to get a jump on some of the bigger issues. If there are cleaning or maintenance concerns (think things like "major stain on carpet" or "wallpaper peeling") please send Teresa and me an email. We are hoping to get work orders in early this year so that they can be addressed prior to the summer rush of all 7 buildings requesting assistance.