Genius Hour in the Classroom

Let your students challenge themselves!

What If?...

What would happen if we gave kids one hour a week to work on anything they wanted? Would you expect to find a classroom completely out of control? Or worse, a classroom, where students choose to do as little as possible for that one hour?

What if I told you, that if you gave your students an hour a week to pursue what they’re interested in, your classroom would be transformed into a room full of passion-driven learning? Keep reading to discover ideas, inspiration, and instruction for starting Genius Hour in your classroom!


  • This LiveBinder and this wiki are chock full of resources created by leading Genius Hour teachers across the nation and are being used by educators to successfully implement genius hour in their classrooms.

  • This slideshow by teacher Gallit Zvi explores the who, what, when, where, why, and how of bringing Genius Hour into your school.

  • Yoursphere is a special social platform where students can connect and share their genius with one another to collaborate on their passions and work on changing the world. The site is built specifically for students and educators, is completely password protected, and keeps users' information completely private from those outside of the network.

  • Teacher and leader Denise Krebs talks about honoring genius and rolling out Genius Hour in her classroom on her blog.

Leave No Genius Behind!