A place where you and your family should go.

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If your family is planning a vacation to Paris you can stop by the restaurants and the Parisians markets and enjoy the sight seeing. Fashion fills the streets of Paris all around. Pack your trending clothes and head to Paris wear you can dress for fine dining or casual cafes. Families with tweens will enjoy an experience in Paris!!!
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Fashion in Paris is always important.

From packing your own fashion, to shopping the boutiques and attending Fashion Week,Paris is the fashion destination.In Paris you can shop from Vogue,Armani,Gucci,and Prada.Tourists will see all the latest fashion trends because many travels sport their favorite designer clothing during Fashion Week.Vintage trends is still hip in Paris.The largest vintage shop is rue de Charonne.It is a great way to buy the latest trends in shoes and accessories.At Paris you can wear your favorite evening cocktail dresses.And you can even pack four pairs of shoes because you can buy more in Paris.
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Paris has many dining options for families!!!

A few To try are Le Meurice, La Brass,and Parisian markets. Restaurants have high splendor. Plus fancy cuisine. And it's a once in a life time experience for kids and parents and you can also eat outside. When you eat outside you can watch the people walk or run also. The restaurants a causal dinning is around twenty dollars but a fine dinning is around a hundred dollars. If you want to eat at Paris there is alot of dinning options to chose from.

When you plan a trip to Paris with your family create a family budget for flights,hotels,meals,and of course all the activities Paris has to offer.

By: Jennifer and Juliet