A PROUD Picture

Snapshot of April 20-26, 2015

Anne Update

We welcome back our fearless leader next week! She is so ready to be back. We all know how well Anne handles laying low and taking it easy! Let's make her feel welcome upon her return!

Dont forget that the PTA has set up an ERE team for Race for the Cure coming up next weekend. The link is here. See if you can participate in one way or another.

Is Thanks Enough??

I'm not sure it is after last week! You all made it such a special experience with all of the sweet letters from students, gifts, thoughts, hugs, floating heads and treats! For both Danielle and I, it will certainly be a week to remember! And we want to pass along our gratitude and our assurance that we will keep doing it all for the love of you all and our amazing Eagle Ridge students and families! You all are the reason we love what we do so much!

On another level, thanks probably isn't enough for the job that Karen did while Anne has been out. Excited that we will still see her face around next week during testing as she has agreed to help us out with that! Remember she is a great classroom sub too! We want to take advantage of that while we can!!

Appreciate so much everything you all do daily!


Technique of the Week

Password: summer

ELA/Snow Day PD Days

Thank you all for your time attention during these modules! I enjoyed you all's thought bubble. We do want to spend a few seconds having a little fun before jumping into the business.

  • Module 3 - April 30th - bring a mentor text you have used or plan to use in the coming weeks!
  • Module 4 - May 7th
  • Module 5 - May 14th
  • Module 6 - May 21st

Guess what(s) & reminders!

  • Please share information regarding Career Day (May 1st), Fun Run (May 21st), Open House (May 26th), and EOY Book Fair (May 26-29) in your newsletters. Start advertising and sharing right away!
  • Don't forget to come sign your absence forms after being gone. When delaying, the business office is starting to take this straight from our campus budget. This will begin to have an effect on our ability to provide subs for EOY assessments!
  • Once you have all but one or two of your parent pink & blues, please send returning/leaving numbers to Anne, Brett, Danielle & Debbie.
  • We are dressed professional for Tuesday & Wednesday. We'll do our ROCK day on Thursday!
  • Please be sure to display your jeans pass when you wear jeans!

What's A Happenin' This Week

April 21-24 - Campus closed to volunteers & visitors for testing.

April 20 -

April 21 - STAAR Math assessment; Kinder to FW Botanical Gardens

April 22 - STAAR Reading assessment; 1st to Aquarium; 2nd to FW Zoo

April 23 - Make up testing; Leadership Council Mtg. (3:15 - 4:00); Wear your ROCK shirt & jeans!

April 24 - Make up testing

Eagle Bucks to...

Beth & Coleen shared some amazing data with me on Friday regarding one of their student's need for intervention. He needed 40+ additional visits for support the very 1st six weeks. This past six weeks, he needed only 9!! On top of that, when that data was share with him, he set the goal to have 0 additional visits!! It is amazing the things our kiddos can do with the right supports in place. Thank you for being DETERMINED to have your students be successful!

Kristy H. Our library is an amazing place that has undergone quite the transformation this year and it is exciting to know that the transformation is only in its beginning stages! Thanks for your hard work this year and making our library such a POSITIVE place to be!

Heather P. thanks for sharing your UNDERSTANDING of others with us via the Tip of the Week above!

Rock the STAAR Crew! We had a great showing of ERE teachers sharing their POSITIVE message with students!!

Just for Fun!

Rock the STAAR!