Fourth Grade News

Mrs. Spencer's Class - Week of 11/10

A Look At Our Week...

I am excited to begin second quarter. We have many exciting topics and new concepts to explore. I am so impressed by students' commitment to learning and the hard work I see each day!

As we are working hard on summarizing and retelling at school, please ask your child to discuss what he or she is reading each night. Conversing with your child and/or asking for a written summary of what he/she has read greatly supports literacy growth! I have MANY forms for summarizing and creating graphic organizers for reading. I would be happy to send any of these home. Please let me know! In the coming weeks, we will also be talking about quarterly assigned book reviews.

Please see below for our weekly updates, objectives, and links. Tomorrow is our Veterans' Day program. Please see below for more information. Please have your child WEAR RED tomorrow. You'll also see a reminder about the national symbols project that is due next Monday, 11/17.

Please note: there is a 2-hour early release on Wednesday due to staff Professional Learning Communities.

Updates, Objectives, and Links

This Week's Important Updates:

  • Veterans'​ Day Program: All veterans are invited to our Veterans Day Program on TOMORROW at 8:40 a.m. in the Elementary Gym. We want to honor those who have served our country. If you know veterans, please invite them to attend. Please note: Fourth grade students are asked to WEAR RED on Veteran's Day. Please help your child remember to wear TOMORROW. Students will be seated in a "flag configuration," so WEARING RED will really help the design look awesome! Thanks for your help!

  • PTA Meeting TONIGHT: There is a PTA Meeting tonight at 6:30 in the Media Center. New attendees are always welcome!

  • Beyond the Bully Documentary: This documentary features KMES and our bully prevention programs. Take a look:

  • IXL: IXL log-in information is as follows: / User: firstinitiallastname@kmps (ex. rspencer@kmps) / PW: Lunch Number. This is a great resource for further practice on skills we are studying as well as enrichment in new areas of study!
  • Homework Routines: Remember: students are assigned to reading 25-30+ minutes nightly, practicing math facts for 5-10+, completing the nightly Study Link/math assignment, and completing a spelling assignment nightly.
  • Transportation Changes?: Please write a note in your child’s planner, send me a note, or send me an e-mail any time your child has a change in transportation plans. This is very important! Thank you!

National Symbols Project - Model and Presentation:

In Social Studies, students are learning about our national symbols. We are studying the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, Mount Rushmore, the Bald Eagle, The White House, etc. This project will offer students the opportunity to select a national symbol of interest and demonstrate creativity while constructing a model. Students will also gain public speaking skills when presenting their models and sharing 3-5 facts about the national symbol.

Models may be made from clay, popsicle sticks, Legos, elbow macaroni, mosaic tiles, cut up paper, etc. Students may also make a painting or drawing of the national symbol. Further, students could make a brochure, poster, or PowerPoint about their selected national symbol. Creativity is key! This project is intended to be a fun way to celebrate our country’s National Symbols. Have fun!

Projects are due on Nov. 17th. Students will present their model and facts to the class during the week of Nov. 17th.

Students will be assessed on the neatness of their selected model and preparedness for the presentation. Requirements: A model of a national symbol and 3-5 facts about the national symbol to share with the class (students will bring home index cards for notes.) Practicing the presentation at home is a great idea!

This Week's Objectives:

Language Arts:

  • We are working on retelling stories by stating the characters, setting, and key plot details in sequence.
  • We are working on using text evidence to prove answers when reading selections.
  • We are reading The Horned Toad Prince and discussing the genres of folk tales and fairy tales.

**Students have the opportunity to record reading minutes for a special Timberwolves program. Remind your child to work on completing this as well as the November reading card for class!


· We are developing speed and accuracy with multiplication and division facts.

· We are discussing decimal place value and reviewing tenths, hundredths, and thousandths places.

· We are determining whether a number sentence is true or false and solving number sentences using parentheses.

**We will be beginning Unit 4. New Family Letters will come home today.

Science/Social Studies:

· In Science, we are learning about the rock cycle and beginning our unit on rocks and minerals.

· In Social Studies, students are learning about national symbols.

Weekly Learning Links:

This week, I'd like to feature some apps recommended by Mrs. Johnson, the High Potential specialist at our school. These apps cover a WIDE array of topics and interests.


*Bill Nye

*BrainPOP JR.


*Brain Quest

*Move the Turtle


*World's Worst Pet Vocabulary


*Merriam-Webster Dictionary



*Rush Hour

*Stack the States

*Stack the Countries




*Dino Chess


*Book Creator


All Math Study Links:

Big IQ Kids Spelling/Vocab:

Wishing you a terrific week!

Please contact me with any questions or comments.


Mrs. Spencer