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April 9, 2020 Week 4 of Covid Quarantine

Grade updates

Just FYI- if you submit a grade change with the RC3 grade change link, these are still being accepted but students and parents may not see the change until the next IPR.

Student accounts getting "hacked"

We have had about 5 instances of kids claiming their account was hacked. They go in to take a quiz and someone has already taken it! This isn't something that has happened anywhere else so... either we have a kid who knows other students' ID numbers and is actually messing with them by logging in to Canvas and taking their quizzes (and performing poorly) or we have some kiddos who would really like another attempt at a quiz and are sharing a new strategy with one another to make that happen.

The best solution is to encourage your students to change their password from their birthdate. They must do this in the student password with the password change tile.

Are you hearing about HAC having issues?

There are some students and parents having trouble seeing HAC on the web. The problem they have is that once they login to HAC, the screen freezes and they cannot see any info. If you hear about this, please encourage them to download the eschoolPLUS family app from the app store. This seems to be working.

A word about the app- this is NOT the app that most students and parents like best. This app is the one developed by the creator of school and is the one that we are more certain works correctly. So please make sure you have them look for the specific name of this app to be sure they get the right one.

Dates in Blueprints!

Normally this is probably not an issue, but with our new schedule, I can see that folks might start putting dates on assignments in the Blueprints before syncing them out. Resist the urge! What will happen is that next year, you will sync your blueprint with your new shell courses, and all those due dates will come over, so your new students will see a whole ton of due dates on their syllabus that have already passed and which don't apply to them.

Canvas Curiosities

If you are using Canvas, here are a few things we have learned over the last couple of weeks that may be helpful:

Problem: Everyone is seeing assignments, even if they were only assigned to one section.

What Happened? You assign to everyone in Blueprint and go into shell course and assign to certain sections. The next time you sync, the "Everyone" line is back on the assignment.

Solution: In the blueprint, instead of choosing to assign to Everyone, choose assign to Blueprint. Then in the shell courses, go back into the assignment and assign to your section as you have always done.

Problem: The kids see all their assignments on the syllabus page (your home page) at the bottom. Can I get rid of that?

Solution: Yes! With the new update, you can edit your syllabus page (this should be your home page) and uncheck the box right below the content editor. Poof! All the assignments in the list are gone!

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Emailing Students through eSchool- common issues

Sometimes emails you sent get kicked back, usually for one of two reasons:

1- Attachments. It is best practice to put any attachments in Google and put a link to the attachment in the email you write. For some reason, attachments cause us lots of drama so links are the way to go.

2- Inappropriate Content(as deemed by our email filter):

This could be anything- some examples of things that have kicked back messages:

  • Science lessons about the human body
  • a font in an attachment that was coded as XXXL (it has a triple X in it)

If you get a kickback, check these things. If you need help, give me a holler!

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