Singin' in the Rain


Casting Directors:

Cody Cavanaugh

Jessica Morgan

Doug Smith

Robert Hoffman as Don Lockwood


Chase in Step Up 2 (2008)

Max in You got served (2004)

Relevance- Great with dancing roles. Very good in Step Up 2

Triple threat score:

Singing- 5

Acting- 7

Dancing- 9

STEP UP 2 Deleted Scene HD Robert hoffman vs Jeff Ogle

Emma Stone as Cathy Selden


Olive in Easy A (2010)

Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider Man (2012)

Relevance- played many great characters with singing roles. Great in the movie Easy A.

Triple Threat Score:

Acting- 8

Dancing- 7

Singing- 7

Easy A - Pocketful of Sunshine Emma Stone Singing Full Scene

Adam Devine as Cosmo Brown


Adam as himself in workaholics

Bumper in Pitch Perfect

Relevance- Played many funny characters such as Adam in Workaholics. Some dancing experience, but over all a great actor.

Triple threat score:

Singing- 4

Acting- 9

Dancing- 6

Pitch Perfect Featurette - Meet Bumper (2012) - Anna Kendrick Movie HD