The Lesson of Work

by Jessica Clawson

A Job I've Had: Babysitting!

  • My responsibilities included; watching them, feeding them, bathing them, entertaining them, putting them in bed, etc.

  • The amount of time I put in this job was: anywhere from 3-10+ hours.

  • Lessons/information I gained from this experience: how to take care of children, and I gained patience.

  • How will this job help me prepare for future work? For when I have children, or if I decide to go into a career that has a lot to do with being around kids!
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In the future, the job I would like to have is: some kind of a family crisis counselor!

  • In order to do this job effectively, I will have to learn to do the following; gain more patience, be a better listener, and just learn how to “read” people, so I can help them.

  • By successfully taking on this job, I should feel accomplished, because I did what I’ve been looking forward to doing for years!