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Woodrow Wilson Middle School

Do What You Can To Lend A Helping Hand

Hunger never takes a holiday. This year, Woodrow Wilson will be offering all of our families a complete holiday meal for Thanksgiving. We have partnered up with Terre Haute Food Bank to get food at a discounted rate to help those who will not have a full belly this Thanksgiving. Each box will be valued at 50 dollars but with us helping, it will only cost 20 dollars to send a holiday box. Please get in the spirit and help us provide holiday meals to more hungry neighbors this holiday season by making your donation today!

Dates To Remember

Early Dismissal- November 5

No school - November 11 -- Thank a Veteran!

Spell Bowl- November 17
Thanksgiving Break - November 23-November 27

Christmas Break - December 19- January 2

Team Warriors

This is our monthly newsletter to keep everyone in the know! Our semester is quickly coming to an end! Can you believe it is already November? We will be starting a thematic unit until the new year! Math, Science, and Social Studies will be the three legislative branches. Our team will turn into its only little country with a elections, a constitution, laws, and everything else in between!

  • Social Studies will be the executive branch. They will learn all about what the executive branch does. They will get to sigh the laws or veto the laws. They will learn about the majority vote. Some of our classes will be held just like a meeting would be held in the White House! The desks will be rearranged and set up as if the students were really there!

  • Math will be the legislative branch. They will have already learned about the legislative branch in Social Studies. They will figure out how many congressmen would be appointed for different scenarios based off of population. They will create equations on how many laws should be proposed and how many should be passed. They will decide how many people are on all of our different branches of government.
  • Science will be the judicial branch. They will do 9 different experiments going hand in hand with the 9 justices! A paper will be getting sent home closer to the start of our thematic unit. We do not want to ruin any surprises yet!
  • English will be in charge of the elections and speeches. They will work on writing good speeches and what should go into a speech. The students will learn how to prepare for a student.
  • Technology will work on the campaigns. They will create videos, PowerPoint, or anything to help move themselves ahead in the election!
  • Art will be creating posters and other things that promote themselves and convince others to vote for them! These will be hung up in our team hallway and the elections will be held two weeks into this thematic unit