The Great Belt Bridge

Connects the Islands of Zealand and Funen in Denmark

Size and Physical Characteristics

Made of concrete and steel, the Great Belt Bridge measures 22,227 feet long, is 102 feet wide, and is 833 feet high.


The Great Belt Bridge was built in order to link the Danish Islands Zealand and Funen, and replace the existing ferry system. It saves many area citizens time transversing the two

Impact on Local Environment

The Great Belt has a minimal effect on the surrounding area, thanks in part to the efforts of the Environmental Monitoring Program designated specifically for the bridge. The construction caused low levels of air pollution, but much energy has been saved due to the switch from gas guzzling ferries to more efficient cars. Also, the water it passes over was deepened slightly to ensure the bridge's integrity. Overall, the Great Belt has generated very little controversy.


~ Third Largest Suspension Bridge in World

~ $42 toll for crossing the bridge

~ Cost 400 million dollars to build


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