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January 13-17


Daycare updates:

**Tiger's Den will be back daycare beginning today.

**When you are down to one daycare (after 3:40) you can bring that daycare to the front office to wait to be picked up.

First fire drill of 2020 is this week-- be sure to review procedures with your students.

We still have two tables up for grabs from the lounge!

Mrs. McKinney will be holding Kinder GT testing in the computer lab this week. Monday-Wednesday lab will be open 10:45-1:30. Thursday and Friday will be makeup days. We will let you know when the lab is open.

We will be having an assembly on January 23rd. PTA is bring James Wand to perform Operation Bully Free on this date. K-2 will watch the performance at 8:15 and 3-5 at 9:15.

Important Dates

Pledge Helpers-Gonzalez

Jan. 13

Christin-off campus

Day 5

Jan. 14

PL-2nd grade

Christin-off campus

Visitors on campus to visit Morgan's AA room


Watch DOG-David Thomas-Reid/Stevens/Scott-PE/Music/PE

Day 6

Jan. 15

PL-2nd grade

Buckels out pm

5th grade science CBA

Watch DOG-Noah Perez-Reid-Art

Day 1

Jan. 16

Buckels out am

Talley out pm

3rd/ 4th Grade Science CBA

Watch DOG-Greg Owen-Falknor-PE

All Pro Dad meeting am

Day 2

Jan. 17

Talley out

VLI visits 5th grade 8:30- Kimbley will send out more info

Watch DOG-Michael Henderson-Nguyen-PE

Day 3

Social Studies

Progression Evidence

As we enter the second semester, let's take a moment to revisit evidence considerations for social studies learning progressions. Social Studies evidence requires less repeated demonstrations than required for other content areas. For the majority of skills and content, students might demonstrate mastery through a combination of social studies notebook entries, peer-to-peer interactions or group-work, student-teacher conversations, and/or traditional paper/pencil opportunities.

Map knowledge should, however, generally be memorized. This includes identification of the continents, oceans, Texas, and the 50 states, depending on the grade-level. A word-list is an acceptable scaffold for student-success.

Beyond such map knowledge, students' social studies notebooks represent an on-going learning tool which can support them in future social studies courses, including 6th, 7th, and 8th gr social studies in CCISD! Therefore, please encourage authentic application of the skills and descriptions embedded in curriculum, within students' social studies notebooks. Thank you for supporting teachers' awareness of the importance of these learning tools.

TELPAS is coming!

See the TELPAS calendar below for important save the dates!
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Shout out to...

Debi Akanwa

Sheri Blossom

Misty Connell

Jessica Corson

Michele Cruthirds

Susan Edwards

Mary Jean Fields

Kim Garon

Rebecca Herrod

Christie Morgan

Brenda Puckett

Yesenia Ragghianti

Mary Sutula

Mallory Walker

For having Perfect Attendance during the last 9 weeks! Thanks for always being here!

To Mrs. Morgan and Ms. Burns and to Mrs. Mihut and Room #409 for delivering the weekend bags for our Backpack Buddies!

12 Week Student Challenge-Week 2

Week 2- Give THAT STUDENT a compliment everyday this week. It has to be genuine and different each day. Are their shoes on the right feet, did they comb their hair today, write their name correctly on their paper? Surely you can find something positive about them!

Spring PL schedule

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Fairness

Purposefull People words-Cooperation/Kindness

Let's Cooperate!
Build Character Build Success: FAIRNESS
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The Calling
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