Vaccine are good

By Steven Tuck

The cost$

The cost is less then buying all these medicine if your child get a viruse. The cost has one down since long ago when vaccines were found. The reason is that some parents cant afford to buy vaccines for their children so when the rice lowers they can afford it.


Most parents are concerned about the safety of their children. And if you use vaccines there side effects are harmless. Like chicken pockes does nothing. All they do is cause blisters. It also protects your unborn child from viruses. So you will have no worry's.

Some of the great websites I used.

Pro vaccine

Safe lifes

In the 2th century the gains made in public were enormous. Vaccine saves lifes because it has chemicals to help your family and keep it virus safe. In 1952 there were 57879 cases of Paralytic polio. By 1961, there were 1312 cases.