The Radio

A radio is a machine that uses radio waves to carry sound information. You can listen to the news, talk shows and even your favorite music with the radio. This invention provides a new brand of entertainment and communication that has never been seen before. You should not miss out on this amazing invention!

Movement of People, Things, and Ideas

  1. The radio can help people express their ideas and have an audience listen to them.
  2. The radio helps create jobs (people who make radio, people who coordinate broadcasts, and people who talk on the radio) therefore it aided the movement of people to get those jobs.
  3. The radio also helped with the movement of things because the radio itself was distributed across the nation and across the world.
  4. Another way the helped spread ideas was by its new concept. The idea of a radio itself spread and helped people understand technology more and get new ideas that they spread causing a ripple effect.