Karlee Doerr

"You can call me King Bee"

One day, Alfred the bee decided he wanted to be the king of his hive. He showed up at the factory that his dad worked at and talked to his father about his future plans. On his way to see his dad, Alfred ran into Billy, the meanest of all bees. Billy made fun of Alfred for having such big dreams. "Wow your so stupid, you'll never be king even in your wildest dreams!" laughed Billy bee. "Thanks so much for that" mumbled Alfred. A few years later Alfred never gave up on his dream and ran for hive president. The votes started coming in, the day had come for the announcement of the 2015 King Bee! "The winner is... Alfred Bee!" said the announcer! "AHHHHHHHH I WON I WON!!!!" screamed Alfred. Alfred never listened to the haters again.


Don't let others stand in your way.
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This shows Alfred and how he became King Bee.
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This is mean Billy Bee.
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Moral picture

This is Alfred, A confident bee ever since he was chosen King.