Taylor Territory

Class News December 8-12, 2014

Weekly Skills

ELA - text evidence phrases, constructing compare and contrast writing
Math - equivalent fractions
Science - Force, Motion, and Simple machines
SS - Jamestown and Plymouth colonies

Tests and Quizzes
Friday - Equivalent Fractions Quiz

Class news

The holiday season is upon us! Fourth grade will celebrate on Thursday, December 18th. More detailed information will follow, but mark your calendars for a Christmas brunch from 9:00 -10:00. This is also the day that we will reveal our Secret Santa. The children have had a wonderful time giving small gifts. The final SS gift should not exceed $12. Please wrap this one.
Discovery School is not participating in the Angel Tree Program this year. We are, however, asked to bring small gifts that are appropriate for moms and dads of preschoolers. They will be able to"shop" for presents for their parents. These may be new or "gently used" items. Send them until December 12.

As some of you may know, my son is a school counselor in NC. He recently shared a story of a family in crisis. Two of his students, Kyle, a first grader and Daphne, a fourth grader lost their home and father in a house fire. Apparently, it started from a wood stove. The mother suffered severe burns while getting her son out. The little girl was burned severely over her lower torso and legs. The father, who was searching for his daughter, never made it out of the house. The family is struggling to rebuild not just their home, but their lives. They are in need of money for hospital bills, funeral expenses, and adjustment to only one working parent. I know many of you are involved in projects for this wonderful giving season, but I ask that you consider making a donation to this family. My son will deposit the money in the United Community Bank in Franklin, NC, where a fund has been set up. If you want to write a check, please make it out to:

Amanda McCoy (the mother). Any amount is much appreciated.

One another sad note, one of our classmates, Sarah, lost her grandmother this weekend. They were very close. Please remember Sarah and her family during this holiday season.

Book presentations are winding down. I am very proud of the effort shown in the presentations. Also, book log forms are all due by the 12/18 - very soon.

Students should have three forms and one presentation per grading period. Our next assigned genre is historical fiction. You might get a jump start over the holidays.
We are in need of more hand soap, paper towels and Clorox wipes. During the flu season, it is extremely important that we wipe down surfaces daily. We have already had one case of fly in the room, and it is moving down our hallway at an alarming rate. If your child shows signs of the flu, please keep them at home until you know for sure. I am sure they will not feel like being at school. Also, if you child is out, send a note upon return (for office records). I will work with them to catch them up on work when they get back. You may also send for their work by a friend, sibling, or you may pick it up that afternoon.