Monday Message

Week of April 30th- May 4th

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed the gorgeous weather this weekend! Here is a look at our week ahead:

Monday, April 30th:

* The AMAZING Cathy Fields will be meeting with everyone (Staff & Paras) during conference times today to introduce you to the Canvas learning management system. She sent out a schedule on Friday, which is basically our Fine Arts schedule. Please be sure you attend one of the sessions as this is a district required training.

8:00 SITP (Kelly)

12:30 LEAD EOY (Traci)

3:20 STEM Meeting - Library (Kelly & Traci)

While we have a committee member from each grade level, anyone who would like

to join us at the meeting to see where we are in the proposal process is more than

welcome to attend.

Tuesday, May 1st:

7:20 504 Meeting (Traci)

8:00 EOY LEAD (Kelly)

8:35 Kinder PLC

12:25 ARD (Kelly)

1:30 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

2:10 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

Wednesday, May 2nd:

* Volunteer Brunch - Stop by and thank our fabulous volunteers for all they do for us! Also, if you signed up to bring something for the breakfast, don't forget to drop it off in the library!*

8:35 1st Grade PLC

9:30 LEAD EOY (Traci)

10:25 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

11:10 LEAD EOY (Traci)

12:25 ARD (Kelly)

2:15 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

Thursday, May 3rd:

*Back to School Fair Fundraiser - Class raises at least $15 = Picnic Lunch in the garden*

8:00 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

8:35 2nd Grade PLC

9:15 PTA Board Meeting

10:15 Meeting w/ UNT STEM Grant Professors

3:20 CREW Meeting - Room 208

Friday, May 4th:

7:45 Monthly Assembly

10:15 LEAD EOY (Traci)

11:15 504 Meeting (Traci)

12:00 LEAD EOY (Traci)

1:15 LEAD EOY (Traci)

1:20 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

A Peek At Last Week

That's all I have - let me know if anything has been left out and I will be happy to add it. Have a fabulous week!