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Hey guys, as I sit here typing this up, I still am in shock that we are not all here at school doing what we do best - face to face education of our students. However, I AM in total amazement at the ideas, lessons, contacts, etc that you have all been doing since we got notified that we were implementing distance learning.

Please know that as we move forward, change and learn new things, changes that I implement are not of my own doing. I listen to you, listen to parents, and listen to the district before making changes. All I ask is that you please be patient with me and ask questions.

As we move forward, I am going to try and do a newsletter update twice a week so that the information can be presented in an organized fashion. My hope is that as time passes, I will be able to get to once a week. I have phone conference updates with the district on Tuesday and Thursday so those will be the days you can look for newsletter updates. However, please continue to check your email at least 3 times a day for any new updates that come at odd times.

INFORMATION ... Updates from the district

*Phishing - Our district was hit over the weekend with a phishing scam. When you are online, even though SSO, at home, remember you are not near as protected as you are at work. Just be cautious of what you click on and if you don't recognize the link, DO NOT CLICK ON IT. Personally, Jeff was caught in a scam this weekend and they locked his account. He never clicked on anything and wasn't even on the site the system claimed he was. If you get locked out, please email Helen (Jeanie) Wyatt and me and we will do our best to work through it.

*Directive from Dr. Hines was sent out that unless otherwise mandated by me, all staff are to work from home. I realize we will have a few exceptions to this for copying purposes. At this point, we will do our best to our best to open the building one more time this week in the event anyone doesn't have everything but it will be a GRAB AND GO SESSION.

*School is closed tomorrow. If you need any last things from your planning times, you can come get them on Thursday from 9-12. This will be a quick come and go, not stay and work time. As before, you must enter through the front office so that we can keep track of people in the building.

*Zoom - The district is working with Zoom to see if we can streamline and put a link through Canvas for you to access which will in the long run, be a better protection for your students. Until then, when you communicate with parents this week, just simply have them email you that their child has permission to participate in learning via Zoom. Something simple like "I (parent name) give permission for my child (child name) to participate via Zoom for remote learning. I understand that the account must be in my name and I will give my child permission to use the account. The other big conversation has been about making sure that students know they have to be appropriately dressed (shirt required for boys, etc.) and that no inappropriate backgrounds are utilized.

*Teacher lesson website will be updated on Tuesday by 8:00 a.m weekly as well as the parent website.

*Lisa McGarrah is available on Wednesday @ 1 for a zoom conference with whoever wants to join and ask her questions. She sent you an email but here is the Zoom code for it. 223-881-447

*I have created a folder inside the ORE folder called COVID - 19. I'm doing my best to house everything in abbreviated format in there. So far we have Teacher Expectations, Creative Teaching Ideas and Planning schedules with Zoom conference numbers.

*Staff attendance - If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot work remotely one day at all, you will need to report an absence into the system. If you have a question, please contact me before putting it in the system.


If you have a campus laptop and/or document camera at home with you to work, you must email Jeanie Wyatt the number of the computer and document camera. We have to make sure we are keeping track of all of technology.


During this time, it is very easy for us to continue working well after the hours expected by the district of 8-3. I am finding that I am having to put a limit on myself or I work from 7 in the morning until 8 or 9 at night.

As we move forward and get more adjusted to this process, I strongly suggest you set an end of the day time on your phone. Whether that is 3 or 4, that's up to you and what you need to accomplish. When that timer goes off, STOP WORKING. Unplug, put your technology away!

When you are finished working, make a family time part of your routine. My oldest son and his wife are currently living with us. (longer story but she had a terrible eye infection over Spring Break and as of today, has lost her sight in that eye. Drs are hopeful it will return, but as of now, she is not cleared to drive and my son works full time in the construction business so we are helping out). We have deemed 5:30 as family porch time. We all grab our favorite beverage, plug in our devices and go out back onto the porch. NO PHONES ALLOWED!!! Man, we are making some great memories during this time that I never knew you could make with adult children!

You might not want porch time, but figure out one thing you can do daily with your family after work hours and implement it! You'll be surprised at how nice it is. (after the initial grumbling stops)


I've added a new folder COVID-19 in our ORE folder in google. Inside of it, I've added a "Creative Ideas for teaching." Below is the link. Please feel free to go in and add to the list creative things you are doing that does not include paper/pencil activities. Let's work smarter not harder.




This one shows you a link to another SMORE with grade level activities loaded.


This one from Suchma has the information loaded into the one SMORE at the bottom.

Here's what I'm thinking ours could look like:



Q - Since the expectation is that all teachers do the same assignments, is it okay if I do small group lessons with my lower students via Zoom?

A - Yes as long as you have parent permission for their child to be on Zoom and parents are not overwhelmed. Just don't give any other assignments to the students except what the grade is sending.

Q - What are we doing about annual and initial ARDs that need to take place?

A - Special Ed at the district level is working on an answer for this. They will need to be held but they have not given direction on how to make it happen as of yet. Watch for more details.

ZOOM MEETINGS - 757-124-0373

Team Leader Meetings will be weekly on Monday @ 11:00 a.m.

Tuesday grade level/department meetings will be held throughout the day. The will be weekly and ALL staff are required to attend via Zoom. (This will be Thursday this week)

SPED - 8:30

PK/K - 9

1 - 9:30

2 - 10:00

3 - 10:30

4 - 11:00

Specials - 11:30

Front Office 1:00

Wednesday grade levels need to schedule a time for planning via Zoom.


*PK - 2 teachers - check with parents and email Kara by Wednesday afternoon the name and id number of your students who would like to borrow computers.

*Pictures of your at home work space - I am putting together a fun activity to guess the workspace. Several of you text me, but if you could email me that picture, I would appreciate it. Even if you have already sent one, please send it again. My email is overrunning and I'm having a hard time finding them. To help me, in the subject line put: WORKSPACE

*Absences currently in the system - If you have created an absence in the system between March 23 - April 13, you need to go in the system and cancel it. Please do this by Friday.


*Kara Saly for taking control of packet pick up and computer pick up. AMAZING JOB!!!!

*Team Leaders for always being willing to meet with me, share your opinion, and being respectful as we discuss and change and discuss and change.

*Maria Falcon and Jeanie Wyatt for organizing and seamlessly handing out laptops for our students to use at home.

*Everyone who came and worked the packet pick up and computer pick up for 3rd and 4th graders.

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